Governor Andrew Cuomo


Ish is getting REAL (not that it already have not been, but this is a different level)!! A Navy hospital ship that docked in Manhattan today which is expected to provide relief to the city’s overly loaded hospitals. This will allow them to free up beds for coronavirus patients. Beds on board are 1,000, the Comfort, 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory and over 1,000 Navy officers, arrived at Pier 90 off West 50th Street in Manhattan. Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that 750 of the beds would be used “immediately.”

The Comfort will aid patients who have not been fully diagnosed with the virus. Hospitals are so full in New York City at the moment that paramedics are being forced to determine who goes to the hospital and who will not.

The ship vessel was saran-wrapped with hopes of keeping it virus-free. “We will establish a bubble around this ship to make sure we’re doing everything to keep it out,” said Capt. Joseph O’Brien, commodore of the military’s Task Force New York City.

No words…