Singer Rihanna


We are hearing a lot of chitter chatter about a documentary Rihanna is releasing and the content of it. We can expect to see the documentary later this year on Amazon Prime, entitled Rihanna: Volume One.

According to sources, Rihanna will speak about her problems with her manager at RocNation and Jay-Z. It’s being said that Jay-Z went behind Rihanna back and leaked her album Anti before it was suppose to, in order avoid a clash with Bey’s Formation. The leak was blamed on technology…hmmm.

We like Jigga, however based on his past (dropping a new single a day after Nas album in 2018) we have a gut feeling that he did exactly what RiRi is about to expose.

Other debacles being discussed are her relationship with her father and her premature relationship with the Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Sounds pretty interesting to us…we definitely will be tuning in.