What’s beef? Beef is when you need 2…

Alright, so here’s some of the most recent tea in these ATL streets. Rapper Lil Baby, mother of his 1st child (Baby Jason) Ayesha Little and his main squeeze Jayda Cheaves (Loyal Armani mother) allegedly had a cat fight via IG over a Burkin bag. While in Tulum, Mexico with her boo Lil Baby, Jayda posted a pic of her new bag and ish went down hill from there.

We love Lil Baby and Jayda together! I mean we see him with both of his kids all the time so what’s the problem Ayesha?! I mean were you hoping to reap some of benefits of being the “other” baby momma. It don’t work like that. Let us put you on some quick G.

If a man has more than one baby by two different women, he will take care of his child by youuuu but the main will get all the jewels and everything else.

We hate to say it, but it’s time to boss up Ma (Ayesha) just as JayWay said.

And we not sure how true this Walgreens ish is, but why is it relevant? The last thing you want to do is look “bothered” by their love.

We wish you both the best and remember ladies stay in “your own” bag!