Good girls liking bad guys will never get played out. Floyd Mayweather, 19 year old daughter Iyanna Mayweather has revealed her pregnancy right about NBA Young Boy’s arrest. Rumors were circulating for a while about her being knocked up by rapper NBA Young Boy for a while now and low and behold it is true.

By no means are we saying NBA Young Boy is trouble, but all we are saying is that since Yaya has been involved with him her entire demeanor has went from a sweet young lady to an “onsite” chic. She allegedly stabbed one his other baby mommas in Louisiana earlier this year. Speaking of baby mommas, NBA has six kids not including Iyanna’s.

We hope she realizes what she has gotten herself into. At least, she knows for sure that the baby will be taken of. Guess we kind of expected more from someone who dad is one of the richest men in the world. But that’s just our 2 cents!